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Our Services

Enterprise Software Solutions

Axis Solutions Africa is a value added reseller of Promun, an enterprise resource planning tool specially built from the ground up for local authorities. Promun is a product of Rdata, South Africa. Promun is a modular and integrated platform that addresses all the functions of a typical council. Promun helps local authorities with billing, receipting, financial accounting,human capital management, asset management, housing stock management and payroll management all under one platform. When it comes to billing Promun targets what is termed structured revenue and ensures that citizens are correctly billed. Local authorities depend a lot on revenue collection, therefore it is important that they are equipped with the right tools. Promun fits the bill perfectly

Linkayi is an EDI built by Africans for Africa. Axis Solutions Africa understands the supply chain ecosystem and responded by building a B2B platform that brings together manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, agents, retail chains and small scale traders. Linkayi helps trading partners and organizations get more done, speed up logistics timelines and eliminate manual errors by automating business-to-business (B2B) communications. Linkayi enables retailers to have visibility into supplier stockholding, pricing and to place orders electronically. On the other hand, suppliers can predict customers’ inventory turnover and proactively package product replenishment solutions.

Aximos was built from the ground up by our team of software engineers and can be customised to fit in any environment with unique requirements. Aximos is used by organisations in the manufacturing and fast moving consumer goods. Our typical customer operates a van sales and deliveries component of their sales divisions. We enable organisations to have full visibility of the operations of their van and truck sales operations,especially when their personnel are in the field. Aximos allows drivers to pick up stocks from the warehouse, get route instructions and to execute the route instructions. Execution includes performing cash sales and issuing receipts, conducting deliveries and issuing delivery notes, collecting new orders and recording them as well as sending information periodically to their supervisors.

RevCol is an integrated electronic platform developed from the ground up specially for local authorities to maximize collections from both structured (billable) and unstructured (non-billable) revenue. RevCol was designed to complement Promun, the ERP for local authorities. Structured revenue can be defined as revenue with predictable patterns while unstructured revenue is the opposite. Typical unstructured revenue streams include street parking fees, market vendor fees, bus terminus usage fees and facility usage fees (e.g., lavatories). RevCol also incorporates value added services such as automated meter reading, SMS billing and online payments (which can also be provided as a standalone platform). We enable municipalities to track these revenue streams and to plug leakages caused by non-recording of revenue by collecting agents. When coupled with geospatial information systems and core billing platforms, RevCol is a powerful tool for accounting and reporting of unstructured revenue. RevCol helps local authorities to i) Gain greater control of and visibility into the activities of revenue collection teams ii) Significantly improve revenue especially when migrating from manual revenue collection processes through plugging of revenue leakages iii) Improve data collection, record keeping and timeous production of reports for management decisions

Over the past few decades, a wide range of general-purpose software has been developed and sold commercially, to fit most common business requirements. Whether organizations need to process payroll, or write an email, the tools needed ed can be acquired off the shelf. But every enterprise has unique business processes which cannot be easily served by commercially available packages, or for which there is no software available at all. In these cases, the solution for organizations is to develop their own software. However, if software development is not a core competency, they might want to engage a 3rd party developer. In that case, they will want an established, reliable team with the business expertise to bring you a solution that suits your needs. Axis Solutions Africa’s development teams include business analysts, to properly define your requirements, project managers to ensure that milestones are delivered timeously, and experienced software developers to create and deploy the finished application.

IT Management Solutions

Most companies today rely on their IT for delivering business services to their end users. Any delay or disruption in the service delivery will affect the business very badly. IT teams strive hard to keep the MTTR to the lowest so that they can achieve their SLAs. However, it is easier said than done because IT involves various layers such as network, server and storage, and application. Without knowing where the fault is it is impossible to fix it quickly. To spot the problem area quickly, a fair amount of knowledge into each of the IT layers is necessary. Only in-depth monitoring of these layers can provide such insights. On the other hand all these information should be able to correlate with other layers so that a root cause of the problem can be found without wasting much timeOpManager with its plug-ins offers visibility into network, server and storage, and application layers with correlation between the fault and performance data of these layers from a single web console

Every organization, irrespective of its sector, revolves around IT assets or endpoints for most of its operations. Endpoints are the most crucial part of any given network. Endpoints include devices that store and process data like desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, browsers, storage devices etc. Unified endpoint management and security tool is a combination of Client Management Tool (CMT) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). With technological advancements and the introduction of new devices, an enterprise cannot resort to antique endpoint management and security systems, compromising on security and productivity. The unified endpoint manager provides the best solution for managing and protecting numerous endpoints from a centralized location.

The Manage Engine suite of help desk management products is a powerful lineup for providing flawless support to end users. ServiceDesk Plus provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT and non-IT issues to ensure that businesses experience minimal downtime. The MSP variant is an ITIL ready help desk software designed specifically for managed service

We provide solutions that help IT departments with Management, change audit and reporting for AD, Exchange, O365, Sharepoint and file server environments. Our solutions also extend to Password management and self-service as well as identity and access management in these environments.

Tracking & Tracing Solutions

We help organisations of all types and sizes to have knowledge and control of their assets, property and evidence, no matter what. Our solutions protect businesses against financial and reputational loss, and give them the intelligence to make decisions with certainty. We provide businesses with the ability to manage assets, manage property and evidence, tag and track, proactively maintain, procure and purchase as well as depreciate assets. We provide solutions that enable organizations to identify their stationary and moving assets. The assets can be office equipment, raw materials , spares , pharmaceuticals, vehicles, train wagons or just simple parcels. We provide the infrastructure to identify, capture ,track and ensure delivery to the right destination

Cyber Security Solutions

Through our cybersecurity division, we guide organizations on how to securely achieve their business objectives by safeguarding their information and related assets. We focus on cybersecurity risks that face the organization.

Companies are using different technologies to achieve their business objectives. It is critical to achieving those business objectives in an efficient, effective, and secure manner. Our cybersecurity solutions do not just prevent cyber security incidents, they help our customers to predict, detect and respond to them – effectively, flexibly, and reliably. We deploy solutions to protect all types of environments, from the very small SMB to large enterprises. Our solutions are driven by award winning platforms infused with other components and services. We provide end to end solutions that look at, among others, assessments, penetration tests, hardening and monitoring.

We provide cyber security training to improve general awareness as well as build capacity to handle security matters at different levels

Healthcare Services

Axis Solutions provides solutions in health service delivery. We combine our internal expertise with best-of- breed world class technologies to provide relevant solutions with a local flavour. to our customers’ doorsteps.

We equip health care providers in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS with rapid tests and self-test kits.

Improve your laboratory efficiency by using our configurable future proof LIMS

Use our point-of-care platforms to test for Covid-19, D-Dimer and INR tests.

Try our portable telehealth screening instrument that combines many needed diagnostic at point of care improving primary care

The complexity of healthcare environments require pinpoint precision when matching patients to records, medication, specimens and more.

Other Services We Offer

Axis Solutions Africa provides custom development and systems integration solutions. We build business applications from the ground up and according to our customers’ business requirements. We possess some of the most unique skills in integrating different systems so that organisations can have single views of their whole operation.

Axis Solutions prides itself in being a trusted partner to our customers. The journey to most of our key relationships begins at this stage. We engage our customers to learn about their environment and to provide thought leadership where required. We have a team of subject matter experts, seasoned account managers and skilled engineers whose job is to uncover the requirements in detail. This enables us to provide the best fit solutions to address our customers’ needs.

At Axis Solutions Africa we believe in close cooperation with our customers during the delicate process of bringing in new technologies into their environments. We provide different flavors of deployment services-from remote implementations to onsite deployments. Our skilled and certified teams of engineers help our customers to successfully commission the most complex of deployments. iv) Support services – We provide post-implementation support services to ensure business continuity to our customers. Our support services are mostly embodied in vendor backed support contracts and direct service level agreements. We also provide ad-hoc, on call support services to existing and new customers alike.

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